R.I.P. Yusef Lateef

Some bad news: Grammy-winning Jazz innovator Yusef Lateef succumbed to prostate cancer yesterday.

Yusef Lateef in 2004 at Spivey Hall in Atlanta, Georgia

Yusef Lateef in 2004 at Spivey Hall in Atlanta, Georgia

Most of Lateef’s best compositions happened way before I was born — he played with Cannonball Adderley in 1963, and won the Grammy for Best New Age Album in 1987. His Little Symphony was a masterpiece par excellence, wherein he played almost every possible instrument, including sitar, water drums, gourd and kalangu.

Considering the fact that core developers of WordPress share a love for Jazz musicians, I hope someday they decide to name one of the future releases of WordPress after Yusef Lateef.

That said, Here is a video of Lateef’s The Golden Flute, one of my personal favorites:

Thank you, Yusef Lateef, for all the wonderful memories and enchanting melodies. Your work on the flute and tenor saxophone shall remain unparalleled. 

New Website: Quranic Quotes

Few days back, I launched a new side project: Quranic Quotes.

As the name suggests, Quranic Quotes is a website dedicated to quotes and verses from The Holy Quran, which shall be presented in the form of pictures and words.

It is a not-for-profit venture, and there are already a couple of posts live, and you can read more about Quranic Quotes here.