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My First Book is Out!

This post should have come sooner, but things kept getting in the way.

My book, titled¬†“Sufism: A Brief History”,¬†was released on Amazon yesterday. To be frank, it had already been released on avenues such as Flipkart, but owing to Amazon’s review process, it took its sweet time in going public.

So, what is the book all about? Even though I can spend all day writing about it in detail, I’ll just opt for the lazier alternative and copy-paste the description from the back-cover:

Even after centuries of existence, the concept of Sufism has remained an enigma. The Sufi saints have been educating the masses using beautiful poetic compositions as well as thoughtfully crafted stories and anecdotes. On the surface, such poems and anecdotes rarely seem to have any sense of mysticism attached to them but on closer scrutiny, one cannot help but marvel at the beauty and charm of such simple yet splendid compositions.

In this book, Sufyan bin Uzayr attempts to explore the rich history of Sufism. Apart from providing a bird’s-eye view of the historical context, the author also gives an impressive description of the rich literature produced by the Sufi mystics. Lastly, Sufyan bin Uzayr explains the significance of Sufi teachings and also sheds light on the mystic notions of Life and Divine Love.

You can grab the book via Amazon. Alternatively, readers from India can purchase it from Flipkart.

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  2. I thought I’d praise you a bit, Sufyan, but well apparently you’re too.. (sorry for inconvenience but the message could not be displayed. Refer to the current skype conversation for details, Thank you.)

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